>post-date eval

4 Aug

>Ok, first blind/online date went really well… or so I’d like to believe.

Experienced ladies, do any of the following indicate otherwise?

-He had to go one hour/one drink in. To be fair, he told me this 24 hours in advance. Friend’s bday. Who has friends?!?
-He totally knows the guy I just hired. Like, besties. He also made it clear that I couldn’t hire him. (My real motivation.)
-He mentioned a date with someone else, while on my date. To be fair, it was an important part of the story in a conversation I brought up…
-We talked about raising kids. In New York. Ok, I’m reading way too into this, I know.
-Asked if he had any fun plans for the weekend. Nothing. (Note: this is where you either ask me the same question in return, or ask me out again.)
-He was cute, really smart, but had little sense of humor. In retrospect, probably shouldn’t have asked for his “numba.”
-Speaking of which, I have no number and no email.

Ok, I think I answered my own question.

P.S. Everything at the bakery across the street is half off from 9 to 11pm. Thank you, bad date, for having me home in time.


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