>Being set up, part 2

1 Aug

>So I was checking out one of my best friend’s updated website and I’m all:

Me: Um, when are you gonna set me up with that hot guy from the commercials you made last year? I need 4 dates by Sept 15!

Friend: I sure as hell could try. I think he may have a gf but not really sure. He’s nice but sorta dumb.

Me: Hmm…trying to figure out how much i care (about the dumb, not the gf, that’s obvi not my style). Ugh, i guess i should care. Like if they can, you know, spell and all.

Friend: OOhhh You could go on a date with my fiance’s friend “x.” It would totes go nowhere but it would be entertaining for sure.

Me: hahahaha. This is so sad, that these are my new parameters.

Friend: He just graduated film school, lives in like Spanish Harlem, trying to be an actor. Great guy but like nerd/frat guy/wannabe actor.

Me: Oh trying to be actors. they are funny. (Never intentionally).

Friend: Seriously, you should go on a date with him. I guarentee you’d end up wasted and doing something foolish.

Me: That is not good!! I cant go hussying my way around the city as a consequence for not being able to get real dates…

Friend: LOL, fair enough.


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