>Getting "set up"

30 Jul

>So in theory, this is the jackpot.

A friend, a co-worker (and at this stage in our lives, lets be honest, a family member or four) wants to set you up. In fact, they are dying to. Great! They know you, love you, or at least maybe sort of like you and will be sure to set you up with someone that they think is equally great. Then you fall in love, get married and make the matchmaker babysit your kids so you can still have fun.

Or. Your friends feel bad for you and try to set you up with anyone or anything that might be slightly available.

But they never actually do. Or they realize that no one else they know is single. But when anyone finds out that there’s an ACTUAL challenge (not acknowledging that being single is enough of a challenge), then they get really excited. Call it human nature, cruelty, or boredom.

Last night a co-worker of mine found out about said 16 dates and her enthusiastic response was “Ohh, I’ve got it! My friend just broke up with this girl. I don’t really think he’s interested in getting involved though. You actually may not be into him. I’ll set it up! …oh, and I hope you like Indian guys.”

Compatibility? Out the window. Breathing? It’s a start.


One Response to “>Getting "set up"”

  1. KT August 1, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    >ok, you can't pass on this one. this is going to be good.

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