>Is this really happening…..

27 Jul


I have to apologize for hiding from all of this until now. I can pony up about a million of too busy excuses – however I’ll keep it all legit and just admit that I’m just really scared and I really don’t know about all this online dating jazz.

yep – I’m an online dating virgin. So much so – that I’ve talked KG into schooling me in online dating 101 in exchange for dinner this evening. She’s already given me a homework assignment of finding my best pics – I hate this already.

I’m so nervous I’m actually just considering walking around NYC with a Sandwich board that says “I need 4 Dates to win a bet”. Guys love to win bets – it might work better than this whole exposing myself to the online creepers of the world.

So ladies – help me out – where do I go, what do I post???

AHHHH – and yes – KG and I will be sure to post plenty this evening as we consume copious amounts of wine and create my online persona.

till tonight…..


2 Responses to “>Is this really happening…..”

  1. Karen G July 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    >Amen. KT, KP, if you have any suggestions for where we should start MB's online extravaganza besides the usual suspects, bring them on.We are gonna need a magnum wine bottle for this adventure…

  2. KT July 28, 2010 at 3:49 am #

    >um, just finished a magnum bottle… this is my fave part. send us your 'file!!!

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