>When it doesn’t count (but you really want it to)

22 Jul

>A helpful addendum to the rules.

1. He may be adorable. No, hot. And flirty. And ask you to lunch. And pick up the tab. But he’s married. And there are kids involved. [Note to self: just because someone pays for your meal, it doesn’t mean they want to get in your pants… I think.]

2. Reconnecting with an old friend. Who has since grown into a handsome man. No, a hot man. Recently moved to city. Meeting for dinner. And although it is yet to be confirmed (aside from a few suspecting FB photos) and despite the fact that he just graduated from Yale divinity school, he has officially come out. [Note to self: no matter how much you love gay men, they’ll never love you like you want them to.]

3. It’s a late night at the office. And as the sky gets dark and the office clears out, that not-so-cute guy on the same floor is looking like the perfect dinner date. And a much better alternative to Staten Island hottie. But don’t do it. Just don’t. [Note to self: you should probably stop blogging and leave the office. Like now.]

For the record, none of the above makes me a desperate dater. I’m just a very loving girl.


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