>Here we go…

16 Jul

>These days, there’s a thousand ways to meet people in the city. Dating sites. Group happy hours. Coffee Shops. Bars. And those uncanny but cute romantic comedy type moments that no matter how many times you try to recreate, will only happen once. The point is, it’s easy. Or at least should be.

So as four single ladies in the second half of our 20’s who keep losing more and more friends to team “relationship,” we decided it was time to get off our asses and actually do something about our single situations. So we proposed a challenge.

4 girls. 2 months. 4 dates each. That’s 60 days, 16 dates and a lot of hilarious and hopefully awkward attempts, asides and anecdotes.

The rules are simple.
1. No recycling (despite it being good for the environment, it’s just not getting us anywhere).
2. Any planned meet up counts (read: meet up, not make out)
3. 4 different people. 4 dates with the same person counts as 1. (aka don’t be lazy)

At the end of the 60 days, we will celebrate over a sushi boat. Anyone who doesn’t fullfill their end of the deal pays for copious amounts of drinks and raw fish.

NYC men, we apologize in advance.


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